Ethically Curated Materials

All of the fabrics and materials are carefully curated by Jenna Bee. She seeks inspiration from the places she travels and the talented artisans she meets along the way. The fabrics used are handmade and one-of-a-kind.



African mudcloth is a traditional technique that has been mastered by the artisans of Mali and woven deeply into their culture. The fabric is hand dyed with fermented mud and botanicals. The process is natural and environmentally friendly.


From the high up Atlas mountains to the bustling souks of Marrakech, these pieces of Moroccan cactus silk are bursting with handmade character. Each piece of fabric is handwoven and embroidered with unique design.


Sisal baskets are handmade in Kenya from sustainably-sourced sisal fiber. The basket weavers are Kenyan women from remote villages, who have learned the art of weaving from their mothers and grandmothers.

From the people
love love love these cosmetic bags!!! I literally own four and still want more colors! As someone who travels a lot they are great for packing and when at home they store all kinds of cosmetic products! Nail polish, hair accessories, makeup… can’t recommend enough!
— Korah
Wow. These bags are so beautiful & so intentional.
— Ashlee
I take this @jennabee_ bag everywhere!! I’ve never been the type to switch out my bags with outfits in the first place but this little diddy has been my shoulder mate for as long as I can remember.
— Brittni
I'm so in love with my Jenna Bee bag. One of my favorite purchases that I always receive so many compliments on. I'm always a sucker for a good bag that can allow me to fit as much as I need when I’m on the go.
— Briegan
Local, adorable and handmade. What more do you need in a bag.
— Asia
I absolutely love my Jenna Bee. I can take it anywhere- from the beach to the grocery store- it fits everything! I also love that each bag is unique and special.
— Mckenna
I love my Jenna Bee bag! It’s the perfect everyday bag and I’m constantly getting complements on it
— Carly
Best bags and they age so perfectly. You guys rock!
— Cat