Life gets busy and obstacles can get in the way of you and making time for your practice. Taking even 10 minutes to slow down and practice mindfulness can create shifts in your attitude and energy. It is easy to transform your home into the perfect yoga studio. Roll out your mat, light a candle, and turn on some mellow tunes. Here are some of my favorite resources to practicing yoga at home. 

1. 30 Minute Flow to Open Your Hips

This yoga sequence is gentle and so relaxing. The movements she includes in her flow are helpful in opening your hips and eliminating tension from sitting. Working the hips is correlated with releasing negative feelings and stress so that you can FEEL GOOD.

2. Yoga for Self Doubt

Adriene has an awesome youtube channel with a variety of videos that address different problems in the body so you can heal and expand your practice. A lot of her videos are only 15 to 20 minutes which makes it a breeze to motivate yourself to complete. This flow is super gentle and most of the poses are sitting. She explains that yoga doesn’t have to be complicated poses and physically straining. It can be as simple and laying out your mat and doing some pranayama breathing exercises.

3. 30 Minute Power Yoga Flow

If you are looking to sweat and tone, power yoga is a great workout. This video is only 30 minutes but you will finish feeling accomplished and energized. The flow goes through a traditional Vinyassa and warrior sequence. You are stretching and strengthening your body simultaneously!

4. Downward Dog App

I love this app when I'm traveling! The Downward Dog app lets you create and personalize unique Vinyassa yoga flows. To set up your practice you can customize the time, sequence type, level and music. The flows are unique, dynamic and each session produces a different set of asanas. Check it out in the app store to get started.